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Ready to uncover what makes you tick? Not to mention the people around you? It is easier than you think. In just 15 minutes, you will receive a customized report to understanding your communication style.

The ILD Time Communication model is for everyone who wants to better understand themselves - enjoy healthier, stronger and more productive relationships.

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What’s the Secret?

It is found in your personalized Time Communication report. The power-packed pages of insights provide you with:
  • A graphic depiction of your communication style
  • A measure of how your brain prefers to process information or data
  • How your perception of time impacts communication and adjusts to time pressure
  • A quick list of trigger words to help instantly enhance communication with co-workers and family

The report is a great start to self-mastery. Learn more by connecting with an ILD coach or reading the companion book.

Insights that prepare you for building better relationships

Develop Self-Awareness

Discover your communication strengths and blind spots.

Improve Self-Regulation

Make conversational choices that increase understanding.

Apply Self-Motivation

Unearth your “why” for improving communication.

Grow Ability to Influence

Explore techniques to create communication clarity.

Communication Styles

Different is not bad, it’s just different. Learn to flex.

Resolve Conflict

85% of all conflict is simply a miscommunication.

Upgrade Your Listening

Recognize how words impact your listening.

Effective Time Management

Time is managing experiences.

Leadership Styles

Communication defines your leadership style.

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In just 15 minutes, you can receive your personalized report and discover all the benefits of knowing the science of you.

  • Answer the questions online anywhere, anytime
  • Use any device, including your phone
  • Only 18 questions
  • Receive your report.
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Usually, we judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their
actions, which can often lead us to one thought – “JERK!” Instead of
jumping to conclusions based on behavior, the key to good
communication is being able to recognize that we’re each seeing things

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